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Giving Special attention to your child's nutrition needs is far more important than you ever imagined.

There is a children's nutrition supplement which has been developed to give your children everything they may have missing from their diet, as well as everything needed to compensate for the metabolic inefficiencies and biochemical imbalances caused by their less than perfect nutrition. The name of the supplement is Mighty Mins (a Nutri-Spec product).

After your child is born, Mighty Mins may be started at 6 months old.



Home Birthing

Having children is a healthy natural process.  Most births are low risk as childbirth is a normal, physiological function.

Home birth (or out of hospital birth) has the potential advantage of:

  • More relaxed environment: labor may be prolonged and may be made difficult and painful by fear.
  • Cleaner environment
  • Natural progression of labor; gentleness with minimal intervention.
  • May typically labor in position which labor progesses best in and feels least painful; may walk and eat during labor in comfort of own home.
  • Father and mother and whole family may experience joy that natural childbirth can provide; pre-delivery teaching and delivery experience available for husbands.
  • May begin nursing baby immediately afer birth.

Safety for low risk births has been shown in published research for home/out of hospital births.  Everyone is low risk unless they have medical reasons which make them appear not to be.


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Scientific study has demonstrated that female cancers are closely associated with the number of children and nursing; women with 6-8 children or more who also nurse can even overcome genetic predisposition to female cancers. In the past, with historically larger families, breast cancer primarily only occurred in women without children and was called a "disease of nuns" in the medical writings of the day.


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Pre-natal, delivery assistance and post-natal care available. Contact for pre-natal evaluation.

Available for assisting families with home or out of hospital birthing.